Thanks To Our Recent Clients

Jones & Lucky, PLLC

We’d like to thank the Law Office of Jones & Lucky, PLLC for letting us handle their website photos and Holiday party photos.

Jones & Lucky

Sandra Cole – Personal Trainer

sandra coleWe had a great time on our Spring Photo Shoot with local Fitness Trainer Sandra Cole. She has a great blog and it was a lot of fun working with her. If you are looking to get in shape this year, then you should head over to her studio, or find her on YouTube.

Manley Realty Services, PLLC

ManleyRealty.comMost of our business comes from real estate photography. We often work with real estate investors and real estate agents, in different parts of the country, to help them sell homes faster than they would without the aid of professional photography.

As many of you know, Douglas and I used to be real estate agents in Houston, TX, and taking our own photographs is what convinced us to start this business.

If you are looking for a real estate agent in Houston, Tx, contact:

Manley Realty Services, PLLC
1711 Old Spanish Trail #421
Houston, TX 77054
(713) 256-1447

Home Staging For Houston

800_450Over the years we have helped several interior decorators and home stagers display their work in the best way possible. Again, because of our close proximity to the real estate community, many of our clients also reside in that niche.

We have worked closely with Rhonda Conchola, a professional home staging consultant in the Houston area. Almost all of the photos on her real estate home staging website were taken by one of two photographers, one of them being us!

If you are involved in real estate sales, and need to have your home photographed, please reach out to us: webmaster@barneystein-photography.com.

Michigan Estate Plans

delete glennThis particular website holds a special place in our heart because the entire business is predicated on helping senior citizens. Most people don’t realize all the financial challenges faced by senior citizens due to things like nursing home care, long term care planning, qualifying for medicaid etc.

The “late in life” expenses really pile up! This Estate Attorney in Michigan helps senior citizens with things like medicaid planning in Howell, Michigan and nursing home care in the area.

We are always happy to help someone who is doing some good in the world.

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Wedding Photo Shoot